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Cartiez - De Wereld Is Gelogen (Music video)
I shot and directed this video for Cartiez which is released on Top Notch. We really tried to push surrealism and some drama in this work using Paris as a backdrop for our story. Written by Cartiez himself and me. Produced by Felicity Jeane. Color grading by Eric from the Grot. Drone shots by Jean-Luc Fornier.

The Iceman - Breath Motherfucker (Short doc)
A short doc about the legendary Wim Hof aka the Ice Man. In this video he received the Torch-Bearer Award which has also been received by Nelson Mandela and Mohamed Ali. It was a true honor to meet him and learn more about how he became the Ice Man. 

Cartiez & Kid de Blitz - DSL - (Album promo)
I shot and directed this promo for the DSL mixtape of Cartiez and Kid de Blitz. Co-directed by Anouk Brands.
Styling by Aryan Hamyani.

Sziget Express - aftermovie
This video was made for the Sziget Express. One of the goals was to let connecting and making friendships shine through. I did this by writing a spoken word piece and recording my own voice.
For this project I also made the music as I'm a music producer as well. 

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