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the vision


is the mission

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The Vision


My name is Jasper Spobeck, and I've chosen to go by

Oby Vision, a name that reflects my belief in the importance of having a clear vision for creative work.

In my journey as a visual storyteller, my aim is to support your efforts to make your brand or artistic vision stand out.

Through video, I hope to capture the spirit of what you want to share, whether it's promoting a product, communicating a message, or telling a story that matters to you.


My commitment is to work alongside you, bringing your ideas to life with sincerity and dedication.

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The Experience & Skills

My experience in the creative realm spans a variety of roles—directing, cinematography, editing, and motion graphics. This versatility stems from a genuine passion for filmmaking and art.

I find joy in developing unique concepts and art directions that bring a distinct depth to projects. My educational path led me to the Willem The Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where I studied audiovisual design. Professionally, I've contributed as a promo editor at the Discovery Channel and as a lead video content creator at Dopper.

My skills in sound design, a discipline I've also studied, play a crucial role in my video projects, reinforcing my belief in the power of sound to enrich the viewer's experience.

Outside of work, I'm committed to personal growth, always exploring new skills and tools. The creative world is ever-evolving, and I adhere to a principle of never ceasing to learn.

The Badges Of Honor

I had the honor of winning the Hashtag Awards for best music video through my collaboration with Kalvijn.


Additionally, my short documentary about Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, was chosen for screening at the Open Doek festival.

My journey in filmmaking has allowed me to create music videos for renowned labels such as Spinnin' Records and Top Notch. I've also had the privilege of working alongside artists like Krezip and with brands including the Discovery Channel and Dopper. 

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Video by
ING Culture Shock

The quest

I'm a firm believer in the power of knowledge sharing. It's my goal to support emerging creatives, which is why I teach filmmaking on a platform like Skillshare.


My course on "Animating on Footage" was even highlighted by the Skillshare team as a staff pick.

Additionally, ING Culture Shock conducted an interview with me, which was featured on their Instagram Stories.

Kalvijn got me some presents and tells how he liked working with me. Check it out below!

The believes

Soft skills are crucial in my line of work. The ability to communicate clearly is something I hold in high regard.


I make it a point never to leave anyone waiting for a response too long or to offer an incomplete answer.

My commitment is to clarity and facilitating a seamless experience from our initial contact to the conclusion of a project.

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